Bow before me and my hat.

“Bow before me and my glorious hat.” – no one, ever


Age: possibly ancient (possessing the body of a 26-year-old)
Height: 6’4″ (193 cm)
Race: unknown
Occupation: magic-wielder, religious figurehead
Likes: birds, lightning, learning, spending time with Fortun, painting
Dislikes: dishonesty, death, a false tongue
Fears: unknown

Supposedly an otherworldly being possessing the body of Fortun’s best friend, Bastian is somehow able to tap into now unusable technology through magic–a feat unheard of for over sixty years. However, Bastian himself is none the wiser regarding his origins or purpose in the human realm; rather than test his tremendously destructive powers, he prefers to spend his days learning all there is to know about the world around him. His sincere curiosity and need for companionship has made him and Fortun, his sworn protector, close over the years. Bastian wouldn’t hesitate to call Fortun his only true friend.

Bastian has a particular interest in birds. His emotions are tempestuous at times and it can be difficult to assuage him if he is upset. Smoke will often pour from his nose and mouth without warning, and his eyes will glow a deeper shade of red when he is expending energy. He is also able to control lightning at will.

Because of Bastian’s abilities, many religious leaders have marked Bastian as a religious figure worthy of worship. Though Bastian does not understand their need to idolize him, he tolerates the adoration because it is what Fortun thinks best.


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