M Weaver loves to look out windows, listen to way too much music in any given day, and dance in the kitchen.

She graduated in the spring of 2015 from Northern Arizona University with an English degree, and recently moved to Portland, OR.

She highly, highly recommends Benjamin Saenz’s Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. It kind of changed her life.

She misplaces her keys often and has an undying love for her two cats, Ophelia (pictured, fearing for her life) and Nicodemus.

Her current playlist includes: everything by Neutral Milk Hotel. On repeat. All the time. Also, Black Moth Super Rainbow (Cobra Juicy and Dandelion Gumand Baths’ 2013 album Obsidian.


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hi! My name is Jessica Augustsson and I’m the editor of a super-tiny publishing company currently working on a steampunk-themed anthology. I read some of your Boot Hill work (notably Finch Takes the Stage) on deviantart and wonder if you would be interested in submitting a standalone portion of your novel as a short story to this anthology. Please contact me if interested in further information. :)

    • Hello Jessica! Wow, this was such a wonderful thing to see in my e-mail yesterday morning. The steampunk anthology sounds like a fantastic opportunity, and I would be happy to provide something for it! When is the deadline for submission?

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