Boot Hill Synopsis

Lindsey Hayes kept his head down and his collar up as he boarded the next train out of the capital. He counted the seconds, the minutes, the feet, the miles between him and those who would pursue him, jaw clenched and eyes squeezed shut. But as the train suddenly screeched to a violent stop in the middle of a desolate canyon–hours away from his destination–a rash of panic spread through Lindsey’s throat and burned.
“What we’ve got here is a good, old fashioned stick ’em up.”
The gunslinger boarding the passenger car could have stopped anywhere, spoken to anyone. But the smoke streaming from Lindsey’s mouth drew his attention. “Your name,” he demanded of Lindsey. “What is it?”
Did the gunslinger know what was after Lindsey when he took him captive? Did he know the fire in Lindsey’s chest and the smoke in his lungs would swallow him whole if the law didn’t find him first?
Maybe he knew all along.
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