Ev Morris

Morris is not impressed.

Morris is not impressed by your antics.

Ev Morris

Age: 23
Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
Race: Harbourren
Occupation: outlaw, Finch’s right-hand man
Likes: order, silence, shooting, scarves, word puzzles, rain
Dislikes: clutter, Chapman‘s antics, getting sand in his eyes, cooking
Fears: change

Very little is known about Morris’ past, when he ended up among the ranks of Finch‘s gang, or why. Wanted posters for Ev Morris trace back to around the time he was 15, but he very well could have been tagging along with Finch at an even earlier age. Despite spending his adolescent years with Finch, he’s not nearly as rough around the edges as his comrades in arms. Morris is eloquent, well-learned, and the problem-solver of the group; he takes great joy in planning out their heists and timing events just right to avoid getting shot full of lead. He is decently skilled with a pistol–after all, Finch taught him, himself–though his intelligence and logical mind is what Finch and the gang value most.

Despite Morris’ quiet, somewhat cold exterior, he gets on quite well with everyone in the gang, though he never backs down from a duel of wits–which he almost always wins.


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