Fortun Rustreil-lis-Sygnes

Fortun is disgusted with your very being.

Fortun is disgusted by your very being.

Fortun Rustreil-lis-Sygnes

Age: 27
Height: 6’3″ (190 cm)
Race: Veilerrian
Occupation: military general (rank: Talont, or General), mechanist, aristocrat
Likes: strategy, cog grease on his fingers, thunderstorms
Dislikes: killing, being told what to do, flowers
Fears: dependency, dishonesty, loss, reality

Fortun is a member of Noux-Veil Tontierre’s exclusive aristocracy, and has lived a fairly privileged lifestyle with his sister, Contentianne, since birth. Both of his parents died violently and young, leaving him and his sister to wade through aristocratic life mostly on their own. With little effort, Fortun managed to climb the rungs of the country’s military ladder all the way to the rank of Talont by the age of 27 without ever setting foot on a fresh battleground. Instead, he holed up in the military’s encampments and concocted brilliant military tactics for those in command to issue and for the soldiers to carry out. However, with the recent promotion of Talont, he is forced to command his soldiers into battle; his first tour, while perfectly devised, also included the massacre of an entire race of peoples Noux-Veil Tontierre has been trying to rid themselves of for decades.

In the fray, Fortun’s childhood best friend Rhys was also killed. In his place is the being he calls Bastian, a supernatural creature (possibly a god?) that has possessed Rhys’s body. Fortun swears an oath to protect and serve him, but relives his best friend’s death every time he looks Bastian in the eyes. He struggles to live with the cloying guilt for committing genocide and not being able to save Rhys every day; to cope, he takes to vignoire, an extremely addictive inhalant that causes hallucinations and relaxes the mind and body.

When Fortun is not on active duty in the military, he enjoys repairing and tending to the clock tower Bastian has called home, and the hundreds of windmills littering the city of Blest.


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