Lindsey Madoc

60% of the time, Linds is confused every time.

60% of the time, Linds is confused every time.

Lindsey Wren Madoc

Age: 19
Height: 6’1″ (185 cm)
Race: Harbourren
Occupation: medical student (past), father’s assistant at his infirmary (past),  outlaw (present)
Likes: haberdasheries, books, academia, saltwater taffy, mountains
Dislikes: guns, unkempt fingernails, puzzles, dancing
Fears: confrontation, people

Lindsey Madoc is one year shy of graduating from Blest’s most prestigious medical university. He is somewhat gifted in his studies but in every other area, he is lacking. With mediocre social graces and, having lived a sheltered life in the lower-class outlying districts of Blest, Lindsey is as wet behind the ears as one can get.

But when Lindsey starts breathing smoke the same day a god descends upon Blest, he does his damndest to keep it secret, fearful of the implications that he is somehow connected to the deity. He frantically combs the archives of his medical academy for some kind of explanation, but comes up empty-handed. Unfortunately, Lindsey’s smoke signals don’t stay unnoticed by the god and his aristocratic keeper, and within hours of their witnessing one of his coughing fits, a warrant for his arrest is issued.

So Lindsey does what any sane and terrified citizen would do… he runs away.


6 thoughts on “Lindsey Madoc

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  3. Shaun on said:

    I think I love the fact that he doesn’t like puzzles. More than anything. I also want to do this with my own stuff.

    • Haha, Linds may be bright, but he doesn’t have the patience for puzzles. He’s also partially colorblind, so that might account for some of the hatred.

      You should do these for your characters! They’re so much fun. I was up ’til 12:30 the other night writing mine.

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