Raleigh Jambeaux



Stealing your heart (and coinpurse) one adorable smile at a time

Raleigh “Rally” Jambeaux

Age: 16
Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)
Race: half Harbourren, half Crasse
Occupation: outlaw, explosives expert
Likes: Finch’s approval, sleeping under the stars, playing music with Chapman, cooking
Dislikes: shoes, scorpions, climbing, Chapman’s snoring
Fears: abandonment, no longer being useful or valued

Jam is the youngest member of Finch’s gang. Rescued from the clutches of an abusive father and his ruthless band of thieves at the age of twelve by Finch himself, he is fiercely loyal to Finch and will do almost anything he asks without question.

When Jam was a baby, his father crushed his foot in a fit of rage. It never healed correctly; as a result, he walks with a prominent limp. His broken foot hurts when confined, so he often goes barefoot–even in the sweltering desert. The bottoms of his feet have very thick callouses.

Despite his physical disability, he is seen as an extremely valuable asset to the gang as their bona fide explosives expert. Not a skill most teenagers could claim to have–even in the Splinters–Jam was forced to create explosive sticks as a child. He worked in extremely dangerous conditions in the hollowed out basement of a windmill, but somehow managed not to injure himself.

Jam is always determined to prove himself, even though Finch and the rest of the gang would be quick to say that he has proven himself time and time again.


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