Riley Finch

Finch enjoys shiny trinkets.

“Ah, yes. Now that’s a shiny one.”

Riley Finch

Age: unknown (mid-twenties?)
Height: 5’6″ (167 cm)
Race: Crasse (Pashko)
Occupation: Thief, outlaw, gunslinger
Likes: beautifully-made guns, pocket watches, necklaces, bandannas, music, singing, his horse “Soot Foot”
Dislikes: cravats (“frilly fucks”), being tied down–literally and figuratively, people
Fears: death

Riley Finch (often referred to as “Finch”) is the most wanted outlaw in the country of Noux-Veil Tontierre, having earned himself numerous titles such as “The Demon Bandit,” “Copper-eyed Thief,” and “Soul of the Red Sands,” among others. His crimes are erratic and unpredictable yet flawlessly executed, garnering respect from even local sheriffs, who tirelessly hound him and his infamous gang of brigands. His presence within the Splinters is something of a legend, and stories of his misdeeds date clear back to forty years ago, despite his young appearance. Finch will confirm nearly every story he hears about himself as truth even if it’s clearly a tall tale.

From insane heists that no human should pull off to the uncanny ability of vanishing into sandstorms where no highwayman dare travel, Finch is often a cursed name on lawmen’s lips.


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